Credit reporting agency, such as Equifax, Trans-Union, collect regularly information about your financial behaviour for:

-Credit cards

-Important Loans

-Cell phones


Creditors use your credit score and your credit file as a reference to determine if you can obtain a money loan and to calculate the interest rate.

Owners and employers can also use your credit file as a reference to evaluate your reliability.

It is very important to know all the informations about your credit file. If you have a bad backup in credit, it can be complicated to obtain a loan or a credit card.

Your score will change according to the evolution of your credit file.

concept-credit-auto financement

The financial institutions use your credit and your credit score to analyze the risk before they approve loan request. your credit score is a very important element, but not the only one they take in consideration. Your income, employment and your assets will be considered.

According to the law, unfavourable informations can not stay in your credit file for a long time, usually no more than 6 or 7 years.

Don’t let a problem of liquidity stop you. You have many options even you have been refused before.